Enroll your roof for our sustainable PavilionRoof-system

Would you also like a beautiful PavilionRoof on top of your building? Are you ready for Paviljoen III? We opened our EnRoofment List: Join now! 

Your details will be added to our enRoofment List: the enrollment list for private roof-owners. When we reach a collective surface area of 2500 square meters on our list, we will contact everybody on the list to discover the posibilities of the PavilionRoof on your building. 

Participation in the enRoofment List is non-binding and voluntary. Besides it being nice to keep in contact, helps your enrollment show the market-interest of our PavilionRoof. This in turn helps us in our conversations with potential production partners and investors. Therefor, thank you in advance for your support!

Just fill in the form below to enroll for the enRoofment List. When you join the enRoofment list, you will be updated on the latest developments of our sustainable roof-system. 

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You are very welcome for a cup of coffee at our office location: just leave us a message via the contact form.