Effective solutions to prepare our cities for the energy transition.

The energy transition poses a great challenge for our cities. Improving the sustainability for living- and workspaces in inner cities is a complex process. The existing buildings are diverse and old, most are many managed by Owner Associations and there is limited space to implement sustainable solutions. Paviljoen III aims to help you with these challenges, regardless of which stage of the energy transition your building is in.

We help you in your home, and from your rooftop!

In-house sustainability advice

We provide advice to home- and building-owners: from standard households, to Owner Associations, office buildings and schools. Our advice will provide you with a clear plan of action to start and finish your energy transition.

Our goal is to give you relevant advice which can be implemented immediately. To this end our proces consists of an intake, a site-visit, a report and to conclude a outtake conversation.

On your rooftop

The grey rooftops in our cities centres provide an enormous opportunity. We can utelize these valuable square meters to generate green energy and heat, store water, passively cool our buildings and environment and contribute to the biodiversity of our city.

To seize this opportunity Paviljoen III developed a sustainable multi-purpose roofsystem: the PavilionRoof.


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